Mary Drew - International Healer, Bowen & EFT Therapist Mary Drew - International Healer, Bowen & EFT Therapist


The Bowen Technique helps people to lead more comfortable and fulfilling lives as the following case histories demonstrate.


Tennis and Golfers Elbow

Peter professional golfer


"I suffered back pain and golfers elbow for ten years and had to stop playing golf. I read an article in the newspaper that recommended having Bowen treatment. I had three treatments and both my back and elbow were completely cured and I now play a better game of golf than I ever played."



Ann Aged 46 years


"I had a bad fall at work. I injured my hip, back and had pain radiating down my leg. I had tried everything to help the pain with no relief. A friend recommended that I should have Bowen treatment. I was very much surprised after the first treatment the pain had eased considerably. I went for four further treatments and I am now pain free and have a new lease of life. I could not believe that a treatment so light could be so effective. I would really recommend everyone to have the treatment."


Sport Injuries

Jack Aged 24 Years Footballer


"I recently damaged my knee at a football match. I had tried several treatments but was getting desperate when I heard about Bowen. I could not believe how quickly Bowen worked for me. I had a further three treatments. I am back playing football better than I have ever done. I strongly recommend this hands on treatment. Miracles can happen!"



Alan age 7


"Alan came complaining of severe asthma attacks, chronic hay fever and eczema. After one treatment his mother reported that he has not had an asthma attack since. His eczema has cleared up completely and his hay fever has not affected him since."


Infant Colic

Sam 3 Months


"Sam's parents were getting quite desperate and were walking the floors with Sam and could not get any relief from his colic. I treated him once and the parents rang to say that Sam has stopped crying and his stomach was not like a football any longer. He hasn't had colic since."



Karen Aged 43 Years


"I had experienced migraine attacks for 26 years. These had become so frequent that I would have to go to bed and get to the GP out to the house so I could get pain injections. Although somewhat sceptical I decided to try Bowen. After the first treatment I came away thinking it would never work. Well I was pleasantly surprised when I only got two migraines in the following three weeks. The pain was not as severe and I did not need any injections. I had one more treatment and my migraines completely disappeared.


I have not had one since and I am going to keep a maintenance programme so that I will remain completely fit. My family can't believe the change in me and we can now do so much more together. Thank you for your healing!"



Amanda Aged 26


"34 weeks into her pregnancy I was suffering with pelvic and sciatic pain making sleeping, walking and sitting difficult. After one Bowen treatment I felt completely relaxed and pain free. I had two more treatments prior to giving birth to a healthy baby boy. I am so relieved and over the moon to have discovered this technique that I always recommend it to everyone I met."

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